We gather COMPROMISED credentials from multiple providers and give you one central source to access the data to save you time, money, and reduce fraud

Data Breaches and Exposed Attributes

COMPROMISED is a robust fraud prevention platform that can quickly and accurately help you identify risks to protect your company and your customers, now and into the future.

What Compromised Delivers

COMPROMISED enables solution providers, financial institutions and major retailers to disrupt the fraud eco-system by preventing Account Takeover (ATO), New Account Fraud (NAF), Card Not Present (CNP) and other forms of identity fraud. Our unique aggregate of compromised credential data is compiled from multiple providers to generate a risk score that benchmarks the vulnerability level of stolen identities while protecting personal information. This service can be accessed via API for real-time results or a dashboard for manual reviews.

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An Account Takeover Happens Every 10 Seconds


Number of account takeovers that happen everyday.

1.85 million

Number of account takeovers that have happened YTD (2018).

$16.2 billion

Amount lost due to fraud across industries annually (2017).