Detect. Prevent. Share.

Seamlessly Integrate our Threat Intelligence Engine into Your Platform.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Compromised protects your business from all vectors of online fraud, reduces the risk to valued customer and prevents loss of revenue and chargebacks.

By verifying transactions against a vast resource of unique, confirmed fraud intelligence, Compromised transparently identifies the fraudulent use of compromised credentials and high-risk fraudulent users in real-time.

Solutions For
Intelligent Decisions

Our resources include billions of threat intelligence records from our partnering networks that reduce fraud and risk exposure.

Enterprise Services

Automate services using the real-time API or utilize our dashboard for manual reviews.

Incident Reporting

Contribute and review information detailing high-risk incidents.

Compromised Credential List

Identify "At Risk" credentials exposed by breaches in real-time.

Universal Risk List

A collaboration of reported bad actor fraud activity, including risk list alerts and trend reports.

What Compromised Delivers

The Compromised platform provides a unified enterprise solution identifying threat intelligence-based stolen personal information exposed through breaches and acquired on the deep web.

Account Takeovers
Fraudulent Credit Accounts
Identity Theft
High-Risk and Suspect
Excessive Refunds