About Us

Our Mission

We live in a global climate where cyber threats are the new normal and the landscape around transactional trust has become a challenge. Compromised was launched with the intention to connect the lines of communication between industries willing to share the date crucial to strike back at the core of the fraudulent activity. Sharing information across industry sectors is a powerful weapon against huge losses and to protect the consumer.

History & Vision

Compromised's vision begins with a convergence of organizations to include Technology, Fraud Prevention Professionals and Analysts, Cyber Forensics Professionals, Retailers, Academia, Financial Institutions and Law Enforcement joining forces and resources. Their mutual vision is to use these resources and reinvest in them to protect consumers and their clients against cybercrime threats and fraud with the most comprehensive aggregate compromised credential data set in the industry.

Wolfe, LLC

For over 20 years Wolfe, LLC has been a leader and pioneer in online technology business product development with Principals and Directors who are inventors and patent holders in the FinTech and Identity Verification fraud prevention space.

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