Frequently Asked Questions

  • The cost structure for Compromised service is charged on a per transaction basis with a contractual month-to-month commitment.
  • There is a monthly minimum fee charged and used as a draw towards transactions. Your monthly pricing is determined by volumes and is priced on a tier discount.
  • Access to the service is based on an authorized User license. The number of licenses for each client is determined by the Client's contract.
  • Contact us for Enterprise License options.
  • A real-time API Web Service is available to automate the process when integrated into platforms. The implementation is flexible, allowing developers to build business rules suitable for industry-specific needs.
  • The implementation is agnostic and may be integrated into any system or language which can make API calls.
  • To ensure secure access to the dashboard multi-factor authentication is required for those Users who have been authorized and set up to use the dashboard. API credentials are securely issued to clients ready to implement the service into their platform for real-time processing.
  • The number of licenses for each client is determined by their contract. However, the client may purchase more Users licenses.
  • Wolfe, LLC is the parent company of Compromised. As a leader and pioneer in online business with Principals and Directors who are inventors and patent holders in the FinTech and Identity Verification fraud prevention space.
  • Compromised was formed from a convergence of organizations to include Technology, Fraud Prevention Professionals and Analysts, Cyber Forensics Professionals, Retailers, Academia, Financial Institutions and Law Enforcement joining forces and resources.
  • By joining Compromised clients gain real-time risk intelligence to prevent fraud.
  • Compromised serves multiple industries. Solution Providers and industry leaders have joined our group as we continue to expand our client network.
  • The ROI will depend on the extent of your market's risk and average order dollar amounts. Conservatively speaking, the cost to use the service on average is .003% of monthly losses.

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